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What is

Mindful Miss Green Wellbeing?

Mindful Miss Green Wellbeing was created by a full time class teacher with staff and students in mind. Although, everything you find here can be applied in your life even if you are not in the field of education. Everyone can enhance their mental health and wellbeing and walk along the pathway to  flourishing. 


I endeavour to empower people to care for their own wellbeing. For those in education, I can also support you to enhance classroom provision through:

Positive Psychology Science

Empowering Through Coaching

Impactful Wellbeing Resources

Put your hand up if...


You are a tired teacher, parent or both who feels like your wellbeing comes last?

You are on the brink of burnout and not sure where to turn?

You feel like the word 'wellbeing' is thrown about like confetti?

You struggle to reach your goals and time for your dreams is non-existent?

You are looking for wellbeing strategies that actually work?



Hello, I'm Ashley


Firstly, thank you for visiting my site. 

You are  always welcome here.

Improving wellbeing education for students and empowering educators to care for their own wellbeing, is what makes my heart sing.


Educators know that many of the long term issues we face, aren't going anywhere fast BUT, there is no-one more adaptable than us.


Improving our wellbeing through positive psychology science is the way forward. Only when we feel well and feel like we are  thriving, will we authentically give our  optimal selves to the students.

My master's degree in positive psychology and coaching has opened my eyes to so many gaps within education. Wellbeing provision should be accessible for all, multidisciplinary and preventative - I am here to not only learn from you, but to share evidence informed ways to improve teacher and student wellbeing - parents can join in too!

A.K.A Mindful Miss Green