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We teach children to share, how often do we share? Do we find the time? Let me share a little...


I'm Ashley. I'm a teacher. I'm Scottish. I'm an expat in Dubai. I'm on a journey. Aren't we all?


Compassion, empathy and mindfulness are new, developing attributes of mine with a touch of creativity thrown in for good measure. I've had a couple hard life lessons, as we all have, but the silver lining (and learning) for me was the realisation that if mindfulness, emotional education and a general focus on well-being were more prominent when I was little, I may have been able to cope better with the life experiences thrown at me. 


I recently realised my purpose and passion, not only as an educator but as a human - to be shared with and to share ideas about how to provide these things for children in our classrooms. I've recently finished a masters degree in positive psychology and coaching because I just love learning about different ways people and children can enhance well-being, I want to share this journey with everyone I meet. We can give these gifts to each other to develop ourselves and the children in our care. Imagine what we can give to them if we all work together to ensure well-being. Just imagine what they will give back to the world in return...


Be well and I look forward to sharing with you,


Ashley x

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