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Emobeans Emotions Games

Emobeans Emotions Games

Developing the emotional literacy of children is so important - especially during the times we live now. These little games encourage children to improve their emotional vocabulary at home or in school and these conversations are a good reminder for us too.

Page 1 x 2 for FS Snap

Page 1 + 2 for Y1-3

Page 1 + 3 for Y2 - 6

The perfect game for playing with children after reading 'The Emobeans and the Feelings' - available from all good online bookstores.

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 eBook - Being Well:

From My Mind To Yours

A little compilation of 16 wellbeing lessons that you can use within the primary classroom. Many will be familiar to you already, but hopefully you find something new and valuable.

If you download this eBook, please subscribe to my website and follow me on social media channels, that way we can connect and share best wellbeing practice.

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Best Things This Year List

This sheet can be printed off for each child (but will last all year so it's worth it!) and placed in a place that suits you, for example, in the back of one of their workbooks or altogether in a workbook that is kept in the same place all year and that is easily accessible for the children. They can put names on their individual sheets.

When something good happens, the children can record it throughout the year and reflect on it at the end of the year. I plan to print an A3 size of and do a class version too where we can record everything, starting with - we are all back in school together!

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This sheet can be printed off and put into your planner or pinned to your pin board. Choose a colour for each box in the key at the bottom and use this as they key for the rest of the year to track your days and the year overall.

The purpose? As you collate the data, you can begin to log which kind of days you are having the most. For example, if the 'stressful' colour is occurring too much, then perhaps it's time to do something to improve your wellbeing at work. 

Teaching Day Tracker

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A little set of classroom posters with some positive phrases and reminders on them. Bringing a little colour, these posters are a lovely addition to blank spaces in any classroom.

Print off your PDF posters, pop them up in your classroom - and send me a picture!

Classroom Posters

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Emobean Emotion Labels

A set of emotion labels for your Emobeans/PSHE displays.

A quick download and print and it savesyou the job of creating your own! Voila!


Click on the button below and access a link to a KS1 SeeSaw activity where children can match emotional vocabulary and definitions. This Seesaw game is one version of the Emobeans PDF file at the top of the page!

SeeSaw - KS1 Emobeans Matching Game


Staff Wellbeing Posters

Two posters for the staffroom or staff wellbeing board. Connection is one of the biggest factors in feeling well. Often we ask 'How are you?' but do we ever give or receive a true answer? These posters include a variety of ways to ask someone how they are authentically. Enjoy!