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Character Strength cards are designed to use with children in schools, at home as part of team building or for coaching. The whole community can use them and that includes you!

The cards are based on the 24 VIA character strengths which can be found at Do the survey and find out which are your top strengths and which ones you can grow further. The good bit is, enhancing the strengths can enhance overall well-being and hold your hand along the path of flourishing.

Each card has been lovingly made in partnership with Drawings By Me and you are invited to see meaning in every image; these are all my own. There is a story behind each one, do get in touch if you would like to hear them. On the back, there is a child-friendly definition of each strength, three little activities or questions and a quote to deepen your understanding.

I'd love to hear how they become part of your well-being journey.

Ashley x

Please note: Some of the Proceeds will be donated.

If you are arranging pick up with me, please choose the free collection option!

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